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Meet our team

Comcast Ventures’ team of venture professionals comes with a diverse range of deep industry experience. We leverage our connections and insights to advise our portfolio companies on strategy, recruiting, business models, fundraising, sales, business development and exits.

Amy Banse
Andrew Cleland-Comcast Ventures
Gil Beyda, Genacast and Comcast Ventures
Sam Landman-Comcast Ventures
Louis Toth-Comcast Ventures
Michael Yang-Comcast Ventures
David Zilberman-Comcast Ventures
Kim Armor-Comcast Ventures
Matt Carbonara Comcast Ventures
Jonathan Drilling Comcast Ventures
Tyler Flint  Comcast Ventures
Bria Selhorst
William Crowder Comcast Ventures
Tina McNulty, Comcast Ventures
Derek-Squire | Comcast Ventures
Patricia-Suh-Comcast Ventures
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