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Windsor Circle

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Windsor Circle

Windsor Circle is the leader in customer retention software for the retail industry. Their Retention Automation Platform helps online retailers keep, and get more from, their existing customers through data-driven, personalized and automated customer retention programs. 

Comcast Ventures Team
Andrew Cleland

Portfolio Information
Status: Current
Sector: Enterprise
Investment Stage: Series B

Matt Williamson, CEO

"We were fortunate to secure the interest of several potential funding partners. What stood out about Comcast Ventures was the deep thought given to big data and retention marketing automation by partner Andrew Cleland and associate Jonathan Drillings.  As we went through the vetting process, it was critical that we found a solid team in our venture partners.  Through our due diligence, we found Andrew, Jonathan and the entire Comcast Ventures family a great fit based on who we are, how we communicate, and our vision.  We're excited for what lies ahead in our partnership with Comcast Ventures."