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SPACES enables the world’s leading companies and brands to bring anything to anyone, anywhere through virtual and mixed reality experiences.  A “space” is the base unit of virtual reality and lends the company its name – offering the creative challenges to build fully dimensional environments in which viewers can completely interact.  SPACES brings together a talented team with a wide-ranging background in films, television, video games and theme parks to partner with the most recognized brands in the world to explore the new horizons of virtual and mixed reality.

Comcast Ventures Team
Michael Yang

Portfolio Information
Status: Current
Sector: Consumer
Investment Stage: N/A

Shiraz Akmal , CEO

"The support of Comcast Ventures has been extraordinary.  Not only has our relationship opened new doors and established fantastic connections for us, the Comcast Ventures team has been invaluable as advisers, helping us refine and build our vision.  They are as enthusiastic about our business as we are, and bring an important and trusted perspective that is crucial to our success."

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