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PetCoach is a consumer tech, media and health service platform for Pet Parents, delivering peace of mind while saving time and money.  PetCoach brings together leading experts, extraordinary depth of advice, easy to access content and 24/7 availability to certified pet professionals including: Veterinarians, Pet Nutritionists, Pet Trainers, Pet Groomers, and more. PetCoach leverages technology to provide personalized and immediate answers to questions that pet parents have, delivers a tool for pet parents to control the information need and empowers veterinarians to deliver expanded & continuous direct care. All of this is aimingto be the transformational agent for a world of happier and healthier pets.

Comcast Ventures Team
Teddy Himler
Sam Landman

Portfolio Information
Status: Past
Sector: Consumer
Investment Stage: Seed

Brock Weatherup , CEO & Co-Founder

"Comcast Ventures is one of the mostly highly respected transformational growth investors, and I could not be more excited to have them as a part of our investment team at PetCoach.  They provide great strategic insight, access to resources we couldn't get on our own and deep support as we transform the way Pet Parents think about and engage in the care and wellbeing of their pet."