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LeadiD allows Lead Buyers and Lead Sellers to operate in a trusted environment. LeadiD allows Lead Sellers to prove that they're selling quality leads as well as gaining real-time buyer dispositions. LeadiD allows Lead Buyers to make the best decisions about leads they buy.

Comcast Ventures Team
Sam Landman

Portfolio Information
Status: Current
Sector: Advertising
Investment Stage: Series A

Ross Shanken, Founder and CEO

"Very few people fully grasp the lead economy, which made it especially challenging to find the right investor-partners who understood the fundamental problems that LeadiD solves.  Sam Landman and his team at Comcast Ventures made a point of talking with us to make sure they really got what we do and how we do it.  Working with an investor who has learned about our space is an immense advantage, and the additional name-recognition and network that comes with a Comcast Ventures investment will only help to accelerate our growth that much more."