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Bubbly is the pioneer and global leader for next-generation voice messaging. The company offers the award-winning BubbleTALK(tm) service, and works with mobile operators around the world to create a global network of asynchronous voice messaging and advanced voice content applications.

Comcast Ventures Team
David Zilberman

Portfolio Information
Status: Past
Sector: Consumer
Investment Stage: Series C

Thomas Clayton, CEO

"We're in the middle of a pretty phenomenal perfect storm – the cross hairs of social media, mobile and Asia. Every day a new social media company with a new cool idea is popping up. Then there’s the amazing proliferation of smartphones and the massive growth of the mobile sector both at the low and high-end. Lastly, both of these trends are growing at unbelievable clips here in Asia – just as the underlying economies themselves are developing at light-speed. Being in the middle of that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and really excites me about what we're doing."