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BodyMedia pioneered the development of wearable body monitors that give consumers information they can use to make changes to their own health.  With a proprietary sensor system, 70 patents and more pending, BodyMedia has commercialized its technology in a weight management system that has been adopted by medical, weight loss and fitness professionals as well as directly by consumers.  The BodyMedia platform is the only system of its kind that is registered with the FDA as a Class II medical device and that has been clinically proven to enhance weight loss up to three times compared to behavioral support alone. The company now plans to extend its platform to help manage other conditions affected by lifestyle choices. BodyMedia was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh.


Comcast Ventures Team
Michael Yang

Portfolio Information
Status: Past
Sector: Consumer
Investment Stage: Growth Equity

Christine Robins, CEO

“The investment from Comcast Ventures is more than just about funding.  Comcast Ventures brings a wealth of connections and expertise to the table that will help us accelerate our strategic vision into reality.  I must say that I particularly admired the thoroughness and professionalism that Michael and his team displayed throughout the vetting period.  They got to know our business, our strategy and our team.   And I look forward to the contributions that Michael will make to our board.  His insight, pragmatism, and enthusiasm will make us a better board, a better team and a better company.”