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Automat is helping companies use AI to talk to their customers, fans, and followers, to understand and serve them better. We're the first Conversational Marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence and we believe in a world where every company can have a personalized one-on-one conversation with every customer.

Comcast Ventures Team
Amy Banse
Cong Ding

Portfolio Information
Status: Current
Sector: Consumer
Investment Stage: Series A

Andy Mauro, CEO

"Conversational Marketing is letting brands have personalized one-on-one conversations with their customers, fans, and followers and few investors know more about both media and marketing than Amy Banse.  With her twenty-six years experience at Comcast and her deep understanding of marketing technology from her tenure on Adobe’s board we’re excited to have Amy and her team along as we continue to define the emerging AI-driven Conversational Marketing category.”

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