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Accolade Inc. provides member care services for self-insured employers and affiliated health plans. Accolade serves as the central coordination point for benefits, claims, and medical questions. Without shifting costs to employees or limiting options, Accolade reduces the many process errors that lead to unproductive care.

Comcast Ventures Team
Michael Yang

Portfolio Information
Status: Current
Sector: Enterprise
Investment Stage: Series B

Tom Spann, CEO

"We chose to work with Comcast Ventures because we sensed a team that understood why our business made sense, wanted to help us succeed, and would bring knowledge and connections in the technology world that would be valuable to all our shareholders. Working with Comcast Ventures has been great because they bring valuable elements of the Comcast culture to us – a focus on doing the right thing and on doing things that make sense, not chasing the latest fad."

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