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MealPal is a subscription service that provides members with hundreds of lunch choices around where they live or work for a flat, monthly fee. Users can discover new restaurants and save money, while restaurants can increase revenue during their busiest hour of the day. MealPal was founded in 2016 by Mary Biggins and Katie Ghelli and has facilitated more than 1 million reservations for lunch in its inaugural year. It is currently available in New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and now London.

Comcast Ventures Team
Daniel Gulati

Portfolio Information
Status: Current
Sector: Consumer
Investment Stage: Series A

Mary Biggins, CEO

"Daniel is incredibly thoughtful in his approach -- he asks the right questions, and is a great sounding board for possible solutions. He has a strong network and makes valuable introductions, which has has played a big part in helping us scale so fast."