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Kite and Lightning

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Kite and Lightning

Kite & Lightning is a cinematic VR company that blends gaming, social and story to create emotionally transformative experiences. Founded by film industry veterans in 2013, the company is currently creating immersive computer-generated (CG) worlds that meld cinematic storytelling with interactive gaming. Known for its unprecedented technical and creative innovations in VR storytelling, the Los Angeles-based startup has succeeded in many genres to critical acclaim such as the Cannes Lions festival and the Toronto International Film Festival POP exhibits. Recent projects include a 4D VR experience for NBC’s “The Voice” featuring Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, & Gwen Stefani; and Lionsgate’s first VR narrative, a hybrid live action and CG experience starring Kate Winslet, Mekhi Phifer and Miles Teller.

Comcast Ventures Team
Michael Yang

Portfolio Information
Status: Current
Sector: Consumer
Investment Stage: Seed

Ikrima Elhassan, CEO & Co-founder

“We’re excited to be working with the team at Comcast Ventures. They were a natural choice for us as they share our vision and believe in our ability to pioneer groundbreaking VR experiences. They understand the combination of interactive social gaming in the context of cinematic storytelling are what will create truly compelling VR entertainment.”