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Comcast Ventures Invests in AtScale, a Business Intelligence-Focused Platform

Comcast Ventures, Funding Announcement, Infrastructure  |  May 16, 2016  |  By


Imagine thousands of analysts at a Fortune 500 company running numbers, then trying to synthesize the findings into one place to make key critical decisions.  Sounds tough right?  Now imagine those numbers, viewed in places like Tableau to Excel all from one source, analyzed cohesively to provide real-time analytics critical for key business decisions.  This can be done by Comcast…

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Comcast Ventures’ Female Entreprenuers

For Entreprenuers  |  May 12, 2016  |  By

Comcast Ventures recognizes the power of female leaders driving tech and innovation. For Women’s History Month last year, our Managing Director and Head of Funds, Amy Banse, highlighted those in our portfolio driving disruption including Adi Tatarko of Houzz, Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox, Sandra Oh Lin of KiwiCrate as well as Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky of BaubleBar. Since then,…

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How to avoid becoming the next insider threat victim

Comcast Ventures  |  April 7, 2016  |  By

Five years ago, the term “insider threat” was not commonplace. Today, it’s almost everywhere. As cybersecurity has become a more popular conversation piece, the term “insider threat” has risen in the ranks with it. So what is an insider threat? Insider threats can be broken down into two categories – malicious and non-malicious. Malicious insiders are people, such as employees…

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Winners vs. noise: The must-knows when investing in the newest cybersecurity hotspot

Enterprise  |  March 14, 2016  |  By

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) is a hot sector of cybersecurity, and it is only getting hotter. In the Market Guide for User and Entity Behavior Analytics, by Avivah Litan, published September 22, 2015, industry analyst firm Gartner says it “expects the UEBA market revenue will climb to almost $200 million by the end of 2017, up from less than $50 million…

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We’re at SXSW – Streaming Ludacris & Lil Jon via TuneIn

Comcast Ventures  |  March 11, 2016  |  By

This weekend, tens of thousands of eager festivalgoers will head to SXSW, the annual music, film and interactive event that draws performers, tech companies, brands and other talented characters from all around the globe to Austin, Texas. For the third year in a row, Comcast Ventures will be on the ground at The Belmont providing live entertainment and networking opportunities…

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A Conversation with Baobab Studios

Virtual Reality  |  February 26, 2016  |  By

We sat down with CEO Maureen Fan and Chief Creative OfficerEric Darnell to understand more about the company, the impetus behind its creation and advice they’d give other entrepreneurs. The duo has an impressive background in gaming and animation. Maureen served as VP of Games at Zynga, where she managed several studios including the FarmVille sequels and Eric Darnell is…

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Top Leaders from Apple and Stitcher Join Comcast Ventures As Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

News  |  February 17, 2016  |  By

We’re excited to announce two additions to the Comcast Ventures entrepreneurs-in-residence (EIRs) program: Michelle Gonzalez and Noah Shanok. Michelle, who spent over seven years at Apple and most recently led product for Apple News, joins the San Francisco team. As the co-founder of The Influencer Series, an invite only community reaching over 14,000 influencers in Silicon Valley, she plans to…

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Introducing Zoomdata, A Visual Analytics Company for Big Data

Enterprise, Funding Announcement  |  February 16, 2016  |  By

Big data means big business. The worldwide business intelligence and analytics software market, which enables business analysts and data scientists to draw insights from big data, is over $50B. This market focuses on streamlining both a company’s internal operational data as well as its customer-facing data, helping companies understand consumer behavior and provide a roadmap to better monetization. Increasingly, companies…

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VR Content – On the Eve of a Renaissance

Featured, For Entreprenuers, Virtual Reality  |  January 27, 2016  |  By

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is technology that simulates an alternate environment by immersing the viewer in a captive, fully digital experience. This is what sets VR apart from other forms of media, but also presents unique challenges requiring new hardware and novel approaches to content creation. We’re finally there on hardware VR needs to be experienced through a head mounted display (HMD),…

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Our Seed Investment in Influencer Discovery Platform, Heleo

Comcast Ventures, Seed  |  January 7, 2016  |  By

heleo wordpress

As the nature of content evolves and social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn increase their focus on content discovery and consumption, influencers or ‘brands of one’ have become a popular way for audiences to learn about a particular area of interest – from happiness and habit hacking to understanding how neuroscience contributes to better business. Driving these ideas are a…

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